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Welcome to the ministries of St. George Coptic Orthodox Church of Katy, TX. Our church offers a variety of ministries to cater to the spiritual and communal needs of our congregation. Each ministry is designed to provide support, guidance, and a sense of community to our members.

Sunday School Ministry

Following the Divine Liturgy, we offer quality religious education for children of all ages. Our Sunday School program runs every Sunday from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM, offering a nurturing and engaging environment for students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Our curriculum is designed to deepen the faith and understanding of our young members through age-appropriate lessons, activities, and discussions. Each class is tailored to meet the spiritual and developmental needs of different age groups, ensuring that every child receives a meaningful and enriching religious education

Bible Academy

A rigorous multi-year bible study course for Elementary through to High School students on Friday evenings.

Image of open Holy Bible

Women's Ministry

Empowering and uplifting women in our community, the Women's Ministry at St. George Coptic Orthodox Church seeks to provide a space for spiritual growth, fellowship, and support. Join us in our monthly meeting with distinguished speakers as we come together to strengthen our faith and serve others.

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